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Nitofloor Hardtop Natural (FOSROC) (Download pdf click here)

Packaging : 25 Kg

Nitofloor Hardtop is a monolithic surface hardening compound. Nitoflor Hardtop Natural provides a highly abrasion resistant surface to concrete floors by the dry shake method, which ensures the hard wearing surface bonds monolithically to the base concrete. It is ideally suited for all industrial areas subject to heavy traffic, e.g. loading bays, trucking lanes, car parks, workshops, machine shops, ramps and spillways.  


-Light load traffic: 3Kg/m2

-Medium load traffic:4Kg/m2

-Heavy load traffic: 5 Kg/m2

Quantity pc(s)

Rp. 75.000

Rp. 71.000

Payment Method