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How to Buy

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Being a member is required to shop at talenta-onstore. If you’re new, click here to register. If you have an account, you can proceed directly to our log in page.

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2) Browse

Browse our product by types – Waterproofing/Bonding Agent/Floor Hardener/etc. You can click “New Arrivals” for our latest product or “Popular Products” for our most popular products.

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3) Check out

You can view your shopping bag by clicking the “my cart link” at the top right of the page.  Once you are ready to pay, click checkout.

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4) Review & Fill in your details

Review your items before proceeding.

Next, enter your receiver name, phone number, delivery address, district, and city*, then you can proceed to checkout. 

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*When selecting the city you can choose Jakarta, Bekasi, Tangerang, or take the items yourself at Talenta office. 


5) Payment 

Choose your payment method: Bank transfer or credit card (Veritrans)

If you select 'Credit Card', payment will be finalized immediately. If you select 'Bank Transfer', you will have to transfer within 48 hours to the bank account provided on the checkout page.

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6) Payment Confirmation

You need to confirm your payment, only if you pay by "Bank Transfer". Make sure to enter your full name, account number, bank, and upload the payment proof* when filling up the confirm payment form to speed up the processing time.

Payment by Credit Card does not require any further payment confirmation.


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*It is essential to upload the payment proof


7) All done!

Please wait for your order to arrive or you can take the goods directly at our office located at Rukan Artha Gading Niaga blok I no 8-10, Kelapa gading – North Jakarta.We will update your order status by e-mail.

Thank you for shopping at talenta-onstore.